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Static Mixer on Barge


Specifically designed for a number of large projects, our state-of-the-art static mixer on barge solutions take the hassle out of transporting or creating concrete offshore. CMQ Engineering are known for producing customised designs that are catered for specialised and challenging projects, such as the Tugun Desalination Project for scope.


CMQ was employed to produce ready mix concrete on a barge 400 metres offshore from Tugun (Gold Coast, Queensland), enabling concrete to be pumped to the ocean bed for the out fill tunnels that were being constructed. If you’re needing a solution similar, make us your first point of call.


CMQ Engineering are leading concrete equipment manufacturers, delivering high-quality and efficient equipment solutions for a number of industries. For more information, reach out through our online form.


Barge Mounted Batching Plant

Our static mixer is designed with the latest technology and features, ensuring superior mixing performance. Its unique design allows for efficient and thorough mixing, even with challenging materials, including high-viscosity fluids and slurries. Our mixer is easy to install, use, and maintain, making it the perfect solution for your mixing needs.


Our barge static mixer offers a durable construction and is also designed with safety in mind, coming with built-in safety features to protect workers and prevent potential accidents.

Up close photo of a mixer on a barge | featured image for Static Mixer on Barge.

Features of Our Static Mixer on Barge Solution


  • Efficient and thorough mixing of concrete
  • Minimised downtime and reduced need for transportation
  • Superior mixing performance
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Durable and specific construction for barge fitting
  • Built-in safety features for optimal performance and protection


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Why CMQ Engineering?

At CMQ Engineering, we have the capabilities to design, manufacture, install and even commission high-quality barge static mixer equipment within the mining, concrete, and quarrying industries. Our team work hard to implement technology that caters to all three sectors to create what we are known for; cutting-edge designs and implementations of constant research and development into our services and products. At CMQ Engineering, we are committed to providing the highest standard products and services to our customers, with a team that is available when you need us the most.

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If you’re wanting to know more about our barge mounted batching plant or you need to speak to someone, give us a call on 07 3879 3288. For more from our concrete, quarrying and mining equipment manufacturers, reach out through our online form or browse our website for additional services and solutions that maya accommodate your projects and operations.

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