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The CMQ Reclaimer is used to reclaim waste/unwanted concrete to reusable sand and aggregates for the production of pre-mixed concrete.
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Concrete Reclaimer

Concrete Reclaimer

If you are looking to operate a job site that is environmentally responsible, a concrete reclaimer is a must have. This piece of equipment is a concrete recycling machine that is used to reclaim waste and unwanted concrete and turn it into reusable sand and aggregates to produce pre-mixed concrete. The machine has a production rate of 30 cubic meters per hour, allowing for the quick breakdown of waste concrete and stockpiling of new aggregate that can be used in other concrete mixing applications. We provide a durable concrete reclaimer for sale that is customisable to suit the exact needs of your worksite, ensuring you receive a product that elevates your workflow.

Do you require high-quality and custom-built machinery? Contact the mineral processing equipment manufacturers at CMQ Engineering on 07 3879 3288 or get in touch via the online form.

New reclaimer on a truck bed | featured image for Recycling/Reclaiming Products.

Reclaimer on transport.

Features of the Concrete Reclaimer

  • A trommel screen is mounted above the fines discharge screw allowing minus 6mm product to pass into the discharge screw chamber
  • 6mm plus aggregate is discharged from the trommel
  • Proven production rate 30 m³/hr
  • A conveyor 4m long x 450mm wide allows aggregates from the reclaimer to stock pile
  • 1 truck, 2 truck and 3 truck wash out troughs are available
  • Water discharge sockets allow water to wash discharged product into the reclaimer
Photo of a new reclaimer installed for use | featured image for Reclaimer.

Reclaimer, truck wash out trough & conveyor.

Highly Customisable Equipment

When you purchase a concrete reclaimer for sale from CMQ Engineering, you are receiving a product that can be customised to achieve the unique demands of your project. Every site is different, and our equipment is designed to be customisable to create machinery that is universal across a range of industries.

Photo of a pile of pebbles | featured image for Reclaimer.

Finished aggregates.

In-House Engineering

Whether you work in the concrete, mining, or quarry industries, our high-quality equipment is here to help get the job done right. Our in-house engineers possess years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of custom-built equipment and will bring the exact concrete recycling machine you require to life.

Photo of stones | featured image for Reclaimer.

Finished aggregates.

The CMQ Engineering Difference

At CMQ Engineering, designing, and manufacturing cutting edge machinery is in our blood. Our family has been producing industrial equipment since 1964, resulting in a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and hands-on expertise. We design, fabricate, install, and commission concrete batching, mining, quarrying, and asphalt plants worldwide. Our solid reputation is built on our dedication to always achieving the best result and providing market leading equipment, with a CMQ concrete reclaimer representing our commitment to quality.

Photo of a pile of dirt | featured image for Reclaimer.

Finished sand.

Contact CMQ Engineering Today!

At CMQ Engineering we provide concrete recycling equipment that you can rely on to keep your job site running sustainably as it turns waste concrete into new aggregate. All our equipment is customisable, allowing you to purchase the perfect concrete reclaimer for your industry. If you have any purchasing enquiries, please give us a call on 07 3879 3288 or get in touch through our online form.

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