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CMQ Engineering is a leading provider of mining, quarry and concrete conveyor systems. Our conveyors are engineered and manufactured with advanced technology, quality materials, and reliable components, ensuring our customers have materials movement system they can depend on. We have an extensive range of conveyors available that can be fully customised, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions.

CMQ manufactures channel beam and truss conveyors designed to our customers’ requirements. We also make rail wagon and truck belt unloaders for restricted areas. CMQ’s ceramic impregnated rubber lagging for head drums provide maximum grip and our specially enclosed tail drum belt tensioner does not expose the adjusting thread to the elements. Our gravity take-up design has minimal moving parts reducing maintenance costs.


Quarry, Mining & Concrete Conveyor Features:

  • Sealed bearings requiring minimum maintenance
  • A unique designed inclined troughing roller and return roller system which fits standard troughing frames
  • 30mm gap between roller and frame, eliminating rock jamming

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Whether you are looking for a basic mining belt conveyor system or a complex sorting system, CMQ Engineering is the quarry & mining manufacturer with the experience and expertise to deliver the best solution for your needs. Contact us today on 07 3879 3288 or through our online form, and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Mining, Quarry & Concrete Conveyor Solutions

Concrete Conveyor Belt Systems

CMQ Engineering’s concrete conveyor belt systems are designed to deliver productivity and efficiency, allowing for the safe and rapid transport of aggregate materials. Our concrete conveyors have a modular design, providing flexibility in length and conveying capacity.

Mining Conveyor Systems

CMQ Engineering is one of the leading international mining conveyor manufacturers. Our products are designed with an emphasis on safety, productivity, and innovation—allowing you to focus on what matters most: getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

Quarry Conveyor Systems

Our heavy duty conveyors are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions found in quarries across the world. With robust frames and durable components, they are built for long-term use and can handle any material movement challenge.

Complete Customised Engineering

At CMQ Engineering, we are proud of our reputation for providing the best customised conveyor systems in the industry. Our team of experts utilise cutting-edge technology and a passion for innovation to create bespoke conveyor systems that perfectly meet our customers’ needs – no matter what kind of application they’re working on. Our engineers have worked on a variety of projects over the years, and are ready to go to work for you.

Photo of an external view of a conveyor system | featured image for Conveyors.

Gunlake Silverwater Plant.

Photo of a new conveyor system in a processing facility | featured image for Conveyors.

Allied NZ Plant.

Photo of a conveyor system | featured image for Conveyors.

CMQ special screw take up where take up thread is not exposed to the elements. Used on Conveyors less than 30 meters long.

Photo of a conveyor and its engine inside a facility | featured image for Conveyors.

Ceramic impregnated head drum eliminates belt slippage and greatly increases the life of the rubber lagging on the head drum.

CMQ Engineering Can Make It Happen

Take advantage of our expertise and contact us today to discuss how we can help you improve efficiency and increase productivity with our mining engineering equipment, quarry mining equipment, and concrete plants. Our team is standing by to answer any questions or queries you may have – get in touch via our online form or on 07 3879 3288 to get started.

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