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A range of CMQ Engineering's mobile and static products for the cement, mining, quarrying and asphalt industries. We are continually developing new products so if there's something that you are after and its not on the list, please contact us.
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Mobile Concrete Equipment

Mobile Concrete Equipment

CMQ Engineering’s mobile concrete equipment is designed to meet the needs of any construction project or concrete plant operation. Our machines are compact and manoeuvrable, making them perfect for tight spaces and difficult terrain. With our versatile fleet of weighers, trailers, and portable concrete plant equipment, we can help you improve the efficiency of any remote job, big or small.


Whether you’re working on a remote project or a difficult build, our mobile concrete equipment will help you get the job done quickly. We offer a variety of machines to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your project. Our team of engineers is always available to help you select the right equipment and get the most out of your investment. Contact us today for more information.

Photo of a sand bank at a processing yard with equipment behind it | featured image for Aggregate Belt Weighers.

Get in Touch With CMQ Engineering

If you’re looking for a mobile concrete solution, contact CMQ Engineering today. As the leading mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer, our engineers are ready to work with you and recommend the right equipment for your needs. Call us on (+61) 7 3879 3288, email us at or reach out using our contact page.

Mobile Products

Multi bin mobile aggregate trailer | featured image for Aggregate Weight Trailer.

The CMQ 5 Bin Aggregate Trailer is a quick and easy way to store and blend aggregate materials. With a discharge capacity of 992 tons per hour, it’s perfect for demanding projects. The CMQ Belt Weigher ensures accuracy, while the lack of need for a crane makes setup simple.

Photo of a new inactive aggregate weigh hopper | featured image for Products.

We offer a mobile weigh hopper for remote batch plant setups, and a transportable auxiliary weigh hopper that can be used when an increase in production rate is needed. Both weigh hoppers are ultra-portable, easy to transport and simple to setup without the use of a crane.

Photo of a yellow bulker in operation | featured image for Products.

Our Bulker Bag Unloaders are available in 6 tonne and 2.4 tonne options. These are skid mounted and forklift liftable, making them ideal for mobile use and remote setup and operations. Our unloaders are made from high quality materials and components, and are built to last.

Photo of green Portablend | featured image for Products.

The CMQ Engineering mobile blending plant is the perfect solution for your mobile concrete plant or other operations. It can blend concrete, emulsion, asphalt, or backfill paste in continuous mode or in one-off batches, and it can be towed and easily set up without the assistance of a crane.

Photo of a new white portable silo | featured image for Home.

We design our Portable Silos specifically for portability with concrete, mining, and quarry operations in mind. Our portable silos don’t require any complicated foundations – meaning they can be set up quickly and efficiently in most locations. Additionally, dust filters and screw conveyors are already included on the silo – so there’s no need to transport those units separately.

Small photo of the rear of a new mobile silo | featured image for Mobile Silo & Loss of Weight / Cement Weigh Hopper.

At CMQ, we manufacture a mobile silo with a loss of weight hopper that can be used to discharge into a mixer/pugmill or cement weigh hopper for batching concrete. This machine can be towed using a standard prime mover, and there is no need for a crane for demobilisation or mobilisation.

Photo of a Portabatch | featured image for Products.

CMQ offers a portable concrete batching plant – Portabatch. It is front-end fed and equipped with a custom-built chassis. Its tough design makes it ideal for running on mining and construction sites around the world, as well as being easy to operate and maintain.

Photo of a stationary mixer on a barge | featured image for Products.

CMQ Engineering’s static mixer on barge is a versatile and powerful mobile concrete plant that can be used for a variety of marine applications, including pumping concrete to the ocean floor for seabed construction. This is a specialised piece of equipment for specialised projects.

Photo of a truck unloader processing sand | featured image for Products.

If you’re struggling with a small mining, quarrying, or portable concrete plant site that has a high water table or limited truck access, CMQ can help. Our compact truck and railwagon unloaders are designed for just these types of difficult sites.

Photo of a transportable pre-coat plant in operation on a site | featured image for Products.

When laying asphalt, there’s no room for error. To avoid costly problems with the finished product you’ll need reliable adhesion between the aggregate and the asphalt, and nothing else will do the job like an aggregate precoater from CMQ Engineering.

CMQ Engineering is Here for Your Mobile Needs

If you’re looking for mobile concrete equipment that is both tough and easy to operate, look no further than CMQ Engineering. We are one of the world’s leading concrete, quarry and mining equipment manufacturers. Our products are designed and built to last in even the harshest environments, making them an ideal choice for any mobile operation. Plus, our team of expert engineers are on hand to provide training and support.

Contact us

Contact us today to learn more about our mobile concrete plant solutions and how we can help you improve the efficiency of your operation. You can start by calling (+61) 7 3879 3288, emailing or by using our contact page.

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