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A range of CMQ Engineering's mobile and static products for the cement, mining, quarrying and asphalt industries. We are continually developing new products so if there's something that you are after and its not on the list, please contact us.
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Industrial Mining Equipment

CMQ Engineering is a leading international provider of mining engineering equipment and mining plants that are designed to operate as efficiently and safely as possible. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our plants operate in such as way so as to improve your mining output. We also have a team of experienced engineers who are always working on ways to improve our mining plants. This means that we are always at the forefront of mining technology and can offer our customers the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about our mining plants and how we can help you get the most out of your mining operations.


If you are looking to construct a reliable and efficient mining plant, or if you want to improve the efficiency of an existing plant, then look no further than CMQ Engineering. We provide you with all the help and advice you need to make sure that your mining operation is a success.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about our mining equipment and plants, as well as the mining solutions we can provide for you. Contact us with any questions or to discuss your specific requirements by calling us on 07 3879 3288, emailing us at, or by using our online contact form.

Our computer controlled backfill paste plants will allow you to efficiently use backfill in ways that support your mining operation. Whether that is to use the backfill in the support of the mine walls or to help prevent water from filling the mine, a backfill paste plant from CMQ Engineering will get the job done right.


From large stationary unloaders and augers to smaller scale units that may be carried by truck and moved with a forklift, we produce bulk bag unloaders and augers of different sizes. A 12-volt winch can be used to raise and lower our portable bulk bag unloader and auger, making setup and the operating process easy.


CMQ is one of the few firms worldwide that designs, fabricates, and installs concrete batching plants for mining operations. We are always conducting research and development so that our unique CMQ designs continue to dominate in terms of production efficiency and output.


We are manufacturers and suppliers of channel beam and truss mining conveyors. These can be produced to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer. All of our conveyor systems use sealed bearings that require little upkeep. We also utilise a unique gravity take-up design with few moving parts, which needs little maintenance.


When it comes to mining material handling, we offer products that can control, move, protect and store ore and other materials. All of our material handling solutions have been developed to provide a safe working environment and to create reliable and efficient solutions for the mining industry.


CMQ offers a uniquely designed twin shaft pugmill mixer that will allow you to mix hard-to-handle material. This is a steel cased pugmill mixer with hydraulic radial bottom doors. It also features a special ploy lining on the mixer walls to prevent materials from accumulating and building up.


We can custom manufacture static blending plants with lime or cement blenders that are in compliance with the Main Roads specifications for all Australian states and territories. These static continuous blending plants are fully computer controlled as required by the customer, making them easy to operate.


For your storage needs, we offer storage solutions in the form of steel or concrete storage silos. Our silos can be designed and built with a capacity of 50T to 850T. They are also made with a chisel nose design, which allows for smooth flow of materials without any blockages or balling.


CMQ Engineering’s truck and railwagon unloaders are designed and made for mining locations with little space and limited access for trucks. They are also useful in a location that has a high water table. All of our unloaders are custom engineered for your location and specifications.


Why Choose Us


There are many reasons to choose us for your mining plant needs. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and our engineers are committed to providing our customers with the best possible mining solutions. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should trust us with your mining plant and equipment needs:


  • We have been in business since 1964, so we know what it takes to get the job done right.
  • We’re a family-owned and operated business, which means we understand the importance of customer service.
  • We’re Australia’s leading supplier of mining, concrete and quarry equipment.
  • We offer a wide range of mining plant and industrial mining equipment, so we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.
  • We’re committed to safety, meaning you can rest assured that your mining workers will be safe.


Customised for Your Specific Needs


The stakes are too high in the mining industry to trust off-the shelf industrial mining equipment and one-size-fits-all mining solutions. That is why the mining engineering equipment and mining plants offered by CMQ Engineering can be custom made to the requirements of our customers. Get in touch to learn more about our custom mining engineering solutions.

Contact Us Today

CMQ Engineering is the mining engineering company you can depend on. You can contact our mining engineering team by calling 07 3879 3288. You can also email us at or you can use our online contact form.

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