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CMQ has designed a Recycled Water Stirrer to force the waste water down into the pit, keeping the bottom of the square pit clean and guaranteeing suspension of the cementitious material to be reused in the production of pre-mixed concrete.
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Recycled Water Stirrer


CMQ Engineering’s recycled water stirrer is designed to force the wastewater down into the pit, which keeps the bottom of the pit clean while guaranteeing suspension of the cementitious material, allowing it to be reused in the production of pre-mixed concrete. This piece of machinery operates like a powerful turbo prop to increase the sustainability and self-reliance of your worksite.


The recycled water stirrer is a piece of machinery that is sure to become a permanent part of your operation, with our designers and builders dedicated to crafting a machine that is reliable and capable of accomplishing the relevant tasks you require. We customise the equipment to suit exact requirements of your project, ensuring you receive machinery designed solely to meet your demands.

To work with the mining equipment manufacturers who design and produce high-quality, custom-built machinery and equipment, give us a call on 07 3879 3288 or get in touch via our online form.

Photo of a recycled water stirrer in action | featured image for Recycled Water Stirrer.

Recycled Water Stirrer.

Features of the Recycled Water Stirrer

  • Cementitious material is suspended in the water, allowing no build up on the bottom
  • Two large, sealed bearings support the stirrer
  • The blade angle and size work like a turbo prop, which forces the water down, cleaning the bottom of the pit, keeping all solids in suspension and leaving no residue build up
  • This design has been successfully proven for over 15 years
  • These stirrers work better in a square pit
Photo taken from above of a recycled water stirrer | featured image for Recycled Water Stirrer.

Recycled Water Stirrer and platform.

The CMQ Engineering Difference

When you need custom machinery or equipment manufactured in line with project or workflow requirements, turn to CMQ Engineering. We design and manufacture products specifically for use in the concrete, agricultural, mining, and quarrying industries.. The recycled water stirrer in particular can be customised to hold greater quantities of materials to meet the demands of your worksite and make workflow more efficient. As one of the most trusted equipment manufacturers in the world, we utilise over 50 years of experience to deliver outstanding machinery to you.

Upgrade Your Worksite with CMQ Engineering Today!

At CMQ Engineering, we provide custom machinery the way you need it, and ship it Australia-wide for convenience. We lead the market in innovation, experience, reputation, and production efficiency via future-forward technology, resulting in concrete recycling equipment that have become cutting-edge pieces of equipment throughout the industry. If you would like to make any purchasing enquiries, please reach out through our online form or by calling us on 07 3879 3288.

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