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The twin shaft concrete mixer from CMQ Engineering is designed to provide superior mixing efficiency for a variety of applications. The design incorporates two counter-rotating, intermeshing blades that create a powerful and effective mixing action. This assures consistent blending of materials with homogeneous results from the pugmill every time.


The pug mill machine can also be customised with different options to optimise performance in specific applications. It features a heavy-duty construction that ensures years of reliable service and has been designed to meet the most demanding industrial standards. CMQ Engineering’s twin shaft mixer is one of the best solutions available today for mixing tasks large or small. It is the perfect choice for commercial operations looking to increase efficiency and save time. With its robust design, efficient performance, and customisable options, it is sure to provide years of reliable service.


Contact CMQ to Learn More

If you’re in need of a reliable solution for your mixing needs, look no further than a CMQ Engineering pug mill for sale. With the ability for it to be custom engineered, it’s the perfect choice for any application and will provide you with superior results every time. Get in touch with CMQ Engineering today to learn more about this powerful and reliable pugmill. Call us on 07 3879 3288 or reach out to us using our online form.


Pugmill Features

The unique design of the twin shaft concrete mixer gives a stream of mixed product based on infeed product weight. Material is fed in to the pugmill at the opposite end to the drive allowing easy and full access for inspection and maintenance to the electric motor, gearbox and hydraulic pack. The powerful twin-shaft mixing action transforms the raw material into a continuous stream of product.

The Twin Shaft Mixer Produces:

  • Paving concrete
  • Roller compacted concrete
  • Stabilised road base
  • Cement treated base
  • Back fill paste for mines
  • Land fill soil mixed with bentonite
  • Mixing of contaminated soils
  • Solidification of sludge’s
  • Foam bitumen

Pugmill Gallery

Overhead photo of a twin shaft mixer | Featured image for the Pugmill Twin Shaft Mixer from CMQ Engineering.

Twin shaft continuous mixer / pugmill.

Up close photo of the engine and ventilation port of a twin shaft mixer | featured image for Pugmill.

Hydraulic pump and drive assembly.

Up close photo of a twin shaft mixer's mixing axles and blades | featured image for Pugmill.

Mixing chamber.

Photo of a twin shaft mixer 500 | featured image for Pugmill.

Twin shaft continuous mixer / pugmill.

Up close photo of new mixing machine | featured image for Pugmill.

Hydraulic controls.

Customisation from CMQ Engineering

CMQ Engineering offers customised products tailored to the specific needs of its customers. Our experienced in-house engineers have the knowledge and resources to provide a range of services that include designing, manufacturing and installation. We are well equipped to develop specialised solutions for the concrete, mining and quarry industries.

CMQ Engineering for Industrial Products

CMQ Engineering stands apart from other industrial product suppliers due to our commitment to providing high quality products and solutions. All of our products are built with the highest standards in mind, ensuring that they will stand up to heavy use and last for years. We also provide comprehensive product design and engineering services to ensure that your project is completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our experienced team are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and offering comprehensive support throughout your project. With decades of experience as concrete, quarry and mining equipment suppliers, we have the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide you with the best products and solutions for your operation.

Contact CMQ Today

CMQ Engineering is a leading international supplier of industrial equipment, offering products including concrete and mining plants, as well as a wide range of quarry equipment for sale. You can contact us to learn more about a customised CMQ pug mill for sale. Call us on 07 3879 3288 or reach out to us using our online form. We’re ready to work with you to improve the efficiency of your mining, quarry or concrete operation.

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