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CMQ has suppled over 100 Portabatch plants to companies throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1984. Portabatches work on a majority of mine and project sites throughout Australia. All are still operating, they are extremely reliable and robust while simple to operate and maintain.
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A Portabatch is a complete front-end loader fed concrete batching plant mounted on a specially designed chassis. The plant can be towed by a standard prime mover without escort. CMQ Engineering has supplied over 100 Portabatches to companies throughout Australia and internationally since 1984. They operate on mining and other project sites throughout Australia, all still in operation today. The mobile batching plant is extremely reliable and simple to operate and maintain.


Are you in need of quality heavy machinery for your project or job site? Give CMQ Engineering a call on 07 3879 3288 or get in touch via our online form to speak to the expert mineral processing equipment manufacturers.

  • No requirements for craneage
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation take 2-3 hours
  • Produces 70-75m³/hr – 10 loads per hour
  • Cement storage silo 50 tonne capacity
  • Aggregate Weigh Hopper volume 12m³
  • Cement Weigh Hopper 4.5 tonne capacity
  • Water storage tank 8,000 litres capacity
  • Discharge conveyor 750mm wide belt
  • Chassis is specially designed with triable assembly complying with ADR38 Australian Standards
  • Electrical wiring using steel armoured cable
  • Generator 80kVA
  • Air compressor 28CFM
  • Remote grease lines
Top view of a Portabatch attached to a semi truck | Featured image for the Portabatch page for CMQ Engineering Australia.

Portabatch being transported to site.

Why Use CMQ Engineering?

We are a multi-faceted business that caters to the concrete batching, mining, quarrying, precast, asphalt, materials handling, product recycling and blending markets. The art of producing concrete batching plants has been in our family since 1964 and we are the leading supplier right across Australia. At CMQ Engineering we are one of the only companies in the world that designs, fabricates, installs, and commissions concrete batching, mining, quarrying, and asphalt plants. We provide everything from spare parts to a mobile batching plant and are backed by a solid reputation built on delivering exceptional results.

Side view a new Portabatch attached to a truck | featured image for Portabatch.

Portabatch with 50T GP cement silo.

Global Leaders in Innovation

We are constantly updating and creating our products to ensure we remain ahead of our competitors. Nothing is more important to us than satisfying our customers and we strive to deliver the best possible results for every project, no matter how big or small. Our drafting personnel are global leaders in innovation, production efficiency, and experience. We deliver world class innovation and design through a process that has been cultivated throughout decades of experience in the industry.

Rear view of a Portabatch in a parking lot | featured image for Portabatch.

Queensland registration.

Custom Designed for You

At CMQ we strongly believe in providing the best possible equipment for our clients, which is why we provide customised solutions. We collaborate with you throughout the design process to ensure your chosen equipment meets your exact needs. Whether you are seeking a mobile batching plant with more storage size or aggregate storage bins with an extra compartment, CMQ bring your design to life. This commitment to creating customised machinery is one of the defining values of CMQ Engineering, as we are dedicated to providing all our customers with the right equipment for every job.

Warning sign attached to a Portabatch | featured image for Portabatch.

Electrically operated wind down levelling legs.

CMQ Engineering Quality Assurance

Our Quality Management System is designed to ensure all our products meet and exceed our high standards. This system is an essential part of CMQ’s objectives, and the maintenance and development of our products. Our quality assurance (QA) program is designed to ensure that each of our products satisfies its intended use and meets our customers’ expectations. As producers of machinery that services a range of industries, it is vital that we only produce equipment of the highest standard.

Build Your Portabatch with CMQ Engineering Today

Whether you need a mobile concrete plant or other concrete, quarry, and mining equipment, CMQ Engineering is here to bolster your work site. With custom built machinery to meet your exact requirements, trust us to construct quality equipment for your industry. Give us a call on 07 3879 3288 to start discussing your project or fill out our online form with your requirements. Our products are shipped Australia wide.

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