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Welcome to CMQ Engineering. Want a quote for your upcoming job?

A Concrete, Quarry & Mining Engineering Company

CMQ Engineering are established and trusted concrete, quarry, and mining equipment manufacturers boasting more than 50 years of industry experience across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. This means we’re able to provide our customers with cutting edge expertise and knowledge when it comes to our creativity and design, producing streamlined and comprehensive equipment for a number of industries. Concrete batching, quarry, and asphalt plants require pieces of equipment that allow for efficient operations.


At CMQ Engineering, we are able to design, construct, install, and commission equipment within the mining, concrete and quarrying sectors. We employ a mix of all three technologies to create cutting-edge designs and implement constant research and development to not only elevate our services, but our products for customers. With minimal maintenance expenses, our team of mineral processing equipment manufacturers have driven the market in production efficiency – shaping the way people design and manufacture equipment and machinery for quarry’s, mines, and more.


Looking for a quarrying, mining, concrete, asphalt engineering company? At CMQ Engineering, we design and manufacture cutting-edge and innovative equipment for a number of industries. Get in touch online today or call us on 07 3879 3288 for more!


CMQ are a mining engineering company who are always creating and updating our product to stay ahead of the competition. No matter how large or small a project, we aim to satisfy the requirements of our customers and deliver industry leading products.

Quality Drafting

The unique CMQ designs developed by our experienced drafting personnel continue to lead the global market in innovation, production efficiency via leading edge technology, experience, and reputation.

The CMQ Standard

CMQ are a leading mining equipment supplier boasting a policy of delivering world class innovation and design without compromising quality of service and product. We developed a process over the years that adheres to the ISO 9001, guaranteeing quality products.


Leading Quarry & Mining Equipment Manufacturers

Concrete Plant Manufacturers

‘The team at CMQ Engineering offer a wealth of knowledge and experience within design and manufacturing of concrete batching plants and related equipment. With an ever-expanding understanding of the field, CMQ are at the forefront of creative and innovative concrete plant equipment production.

Mining Engineering Equipment

Modern mining equipment at CMQ are designed using the most up-to-date technology in order to enhance manufacturing productivity and operational excellence for our clients. Equipment such as the products found at CMQ are designed to increase industry profitability margins and streamline workability.

Quarry Equipment Manufacturers

To execute quarrying operations successfully, strong, and specially designed equipment and machinery are required. We understand the need for high-quality products of this sort, therefore we strive to deliver availability and a simplified process for our customers in the industry.

Concrete Recycling Equipment

Concrete reclaiming and recycling requires durable equipment to get the work done effectively. Our objective at CMQ is to save companies time and money while maintaining compliance in line with relevant Australian standards. For reliable concrete waste solutions, get in touch with CMQ today!

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CMQ’s Quality Management System is an essential requirement of the continuing maintenance and development of the Company’s objectives. Our quality assurance (QA) program at CMQ ensures that our product satisfied its intended use, meets our customers’ expectations and we consistently produce items for mining machinery engineering industries of the highest standard.

Why Choose CMQ?

As a leading mining equipment supplier, we put our customers and their operations at the forefront of what we do. Designing and manufacturing of such imperative equipment takes a lot of skill, expertise, and knowledge that our team have proudly taken on over the years. We want to ensure our customers are satisfied with the products they receive at CMQ Engineering – which is why we work alongside you from the very start, through to the end.


Contact CMQ Engineering today on 07 3879 3288 if you’re wanting to start discussing the design phase of specified equipment. Additionally, you are able to reach out through our online form, or send us an email at for general queries and information.

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