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CMQ Engineering offer a range of services for the cement, mining, quarrying and asphalt industries. These include, but are not limited to design, manufacturing, site work and turnkey greenfield operations.
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Engineering Design Services


Engineering Design Services

CMQ Engineering is the leader in high-end concrete, quarry, and mining plants and equipment design and manufacturing. We work with businesses of varying scales to provide engineering design services and industrial solutions in the form of speciality concrete products and mining equipment design that leads to the best results possible.

A Unique Contract Engineering Services Company

We are one of the few fabrication and engineering companies world wide that can design, fabricate, and install concrete batching, quarry, and asphalt plants. We also specialise in mining equipment design and production.

We are an engineering company like no other with the knowledge and expertise that comes from 6 decades of experience in engineering design services and specialty concrete, quarry, and mining products. This is what sets CMQ Engineering apart:


Our business specialises in meeting the needs and wants of our customers by having our equipment designed and fabricated in our Australian and overseas workshops.


All of our engineering design services work is done in house by our team of highly skilled draftsmen at CMQ. This allows for complete management throughout the design process to supply equipment to Australia and worldwide that meets the specific standards and requirements of our customers.

We see design as an integral part of any sized project as it sets the foundation for creating top class world-leading products. We work with our customers to create customised solutions, such as storage silos of the exact size and style to match what is needed for a site.

Whatever specifications the project demands, we are able to provide them. That is one of the defining values of CMQ Engineering.



Our business specialises in meeting the needs and wants of our customers by doing the design and equipment fabrication in our Australian and overseas workshops.

CMQ Engineering started in the 1960s as a concrete plant manufacturer, but with time we have grown into so much more than that. Now we are also quarry equipment manufacturers and makers of concrete reclaiming equipment. By working with a range of materials we are continually developing innovative products to meet the needs of modern concrete production and mining plants.

For information on the products we manufacture please refer to the various product pages.

Site Work

CMQ has installed and commissioned various types of plants throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, China, South East Asia and the Philippines.

Our team have all relevant skills to install and commission equipment on construction and mining sites, with experience in JSAs (Job Safety Analysis), Risk Assessment and other site requirements.

We provide solutions that not only lead to exceptional results in production output, but ensure the safety of our customers’ on-site employees.

Overhead photo of Turnkey facility | featured image for Services.
Photo of workers surveying a site | featured image for Services.

Turnkey Greenfield Operations

CMQ manages projects within Australia and overseas with highly experienced personnel, providing you with a complete turnkey greenfield solution.

Expanding a company’s operations into a foreign country is a big undertaking. It requires large investments as cross-border manufacturing facilities and offices are built from the ground up. We are one of the heavy fabrication companies that can handle this kind of overseas expansion project with ease.

We will be there from the start to the finish in your greenfield expansion providing you with the help and knowledge that sets CMQ apart.

Contact CMQ Engineering to Learn More

As a concrete, quarry, and mining engineering company, we are always ready to work with a company or organisation of any size and scope to provide the needed engineering design services and product expertise. If you are in need of our services or if you wish to discuss any of our products please reach out to us.


You can call us on (+61) 7 3879 3288 or you can email us at You can also contact us by filling out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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