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A Mobile Blending Plant designed by CMQ is capable of continuous mixing or single batch mixes. The Portablend Mobile Blending Plant can be towered by a standard prime mover to the required location. There is no requirement for craneage for mobilisation and demobilisation.
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Mobile Concrete Batching Plants


As the leading mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer, CMQ Engineering offers a premium suite of mobile concrete batching plants. The Mobile Blending Plant is one of our best mobile mixing plants and is designed to provide quality batch mixes on-site to keep your operations running at maximum efficiency. Whether you work in construction, mining or any other industry that requires a portable concrete batch plant, the Mobile Blending Plant will have you covered.


Created by our expert designers at CMQ, the Mobile Blending Plant has been designed to supply either continuous mixing or single batch mixes to keep your job site up and running. As one of the best mobile concrete batching plants on the market, the Mobile Blending Plant has been designed to be easily transportable, with no requirement for craneage for mobilisation or demobilisation. A standard prime mover is all that is required to be towered to the required location.


If you require a portable concrete plant or any other large-scale equipment, call CMQ Engineering on 07 3879 3288 or get in touch via our online form.

Photo of a new green Portablend behind a pile of backfill | featured image for Backfill Paste Plants.

Mobile blending plant mobilised on site.

Photo a a semi prepared to haul a mobile blending plant | Featured image for the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Page for CMQ Engineering.

Mobile blending plant ready for transport.

Key Features of the Mobile Blending Plant


One of the premier mobile concrete batching plants available, CMQ’s Mobile Blending Plant has been designed to accommodate all your needs when it comes to requiring a portable concreate batch plant on site. Whether you need to blend concrete, asphalt, emulsion, or backfill paste, the Mobile Blending Plant can blend it in a continuous mode or in one-off batches and has been designed so that it can easily be operated by a single person. Designed with manoeuvrability in mind, the Mobile Blending Plant can easily be towed from job site to job site and does not require a crane to be set-up.



  • Complies with Queensland Main Roads MRTS08
  • Computer control system with full reporting to customer requirements
  • Cement storage silo 50 tonnes capacity with reverse pulse filter and overfill protection
  • Loss of weight system to an accuracy of operation to within 0.5%
  • Feed conveyor 900mm wide belt
  • Water header tank 1,000 litres capacity
  • CMQ specially designed continuous mixer
  • Discharge conveyor 900mm wide belt
  • Positive displacement bitumen pump, flow meter and foam injection nozzle
  • Positive displacement Emulsion pump and flow meter
  • Generator, compressor and hydraulic system
  • For backfill paste plants the continuous mixer has an adjustable hydraulically operated weir



  • Road base material
  • Cement treated base (CTB) material
  • Roller compacted concrete
  • Backfill paste materials
  • Foam bitumen treated base
  • Precoat road chip
  • Soil remediation
  • Landfill site preparation

Why CMQ Engineering?


As the leading manufacturer of mining, quarrying, and construction equipment in Australia, CMQ Engineering is trusted by the country’s biggest corporations to supply only the best mobile mixing plants. With over 5 decades of experience in the industry, our team are the experts when it comes to designing, fabricating, installing, and commissioning concrete batching, mining, quarrying, and asphalt plants.


Our machinery and equipment are built to withstand even the toughest conditions, meaning you can rely on CMQ Engineering to supply you with quality goods that won’t let you down. Along with our specially built equipment, we also offer used equipment, spare parts, service and plant upgrades. Our solid reputation in the industry has been built by always providing the best results courtesy of our leading-edge technology and countless experience. While we mainly operate in Brisbane and Sydney, we can ship Australia-wide to suit your needs.

Photo of new green mobile blending plant | Featured image for the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Page for CMQ Engineering.

Discharge conveyor in working position.

Custom Built Just for You


At CMQ Engineering we are proud to offer custom designed machinery and equipment to suit the needs of each of our customers. We work with you to understand exactly what you require for your operations and design your chosen purchase to accommodate these requirements. Our expert draftsmen and engineers will design storage silos to match the exact size and style that your job site demands.

Contact CMQ Engineering Today

Whether you need quarry mining equipment or mobile concrete batching plants, CMQ Engineering is here for you. With a vast range of equipment and machinery available, all of which can be custom designed to suit your operations, make sure you call on CMQ for all your mining, construction, and quarry needs. Call us on 07 3879 3288 or reach out via our online form and we will promptly get back to you.

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