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When laying asphalt, there’s no room for error – it needs to be done right the first time. To avoid costly problems with the finished product you’ll need reliable adhesion between the aggregate and the asphalt, and nothing else will do the job like an aggregate precoater from CMQ Engineering.


Our precoaters are able to apply a thin and consistent layer of asphalt binder to the surface of aggregate rock, preparing the aggregate to be mixed with hot asphalt. By properly preparing the aggregate material, the laid asphalt will be stronger, more durable and last for years. If you are in need of an aggregate precoater, contact us today to discuss your required specifications.


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CMQ Engineering are leading concrete, quarry and mining equipment manufacturers. We have decades of experience supplying custom designed and manufactured industrial equipment to companies around the globe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your operation achieve new levels of efficiency and profit. Call us on 07 3879 3288 or get in touch through our online form for purchasing enquiries.

Transportable Precoater Plant

A fully computer controlled, transportable precoating system that allows continuous production of precoat material or individual batches to the required weight. The precoater uses a specially designed tumble box that coats the road chip with emulsion. The plant can be used as an additional bin for a blending plant or an additional aggregate weigh hopper for a concrete batching plant.

Precoater in action | Featured image for the Precoater page for CMQ Engineering Australia.


  • Computer controlled system with full reporting to customer requirements
  • Aggregate hopper – 9m³ capacity
  • Folding discharge conveyor that is 900mm wide
  • A CMQ belt weigher weighs to an accuracy for within 0.5% and monitors production rate.
  • Discharge chute and tumble box designed with 3 adjustable deflector ledges, spray bars and spray nozzles for maximum coverage of emulsion on the product.
  • Emulsion tank/s
  • Positive displacement emulsion pump
  • Diesel generator
  • No requirement for craneage

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When you work with CMQ Engineering, you get the quality service and workmanship that we are known for. We will custom design and manufacture any kind of mobile concrete plant or quarry mining equipment. We ship to Brisbane, Sydney and the rest of Australia. Contact us today by calling 07 3879 3288 or through our online form for more information or purchasing enquiries.

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